Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby book and my Latest Buys !

Hi Friends .. 
I am here again with a Baby girl book .. I am posting pictures a bit late so apologies .. 
I hope you all will like it .. 
Along with this post .. I would also like to flaunt my new supplies .. I literary did mahabharat to get these stacks in INDIA . Shopped all of this from Hobby Lobby . 
These papers are really pretty .. specially the tattered worn stack .. it has lovely vintage papers .. 


  1. Love the castle and fence and you have shared such a cheerful beauty.I should show this to my daughter she will want to make one just like this!

  2. Very very attractive baby book Mallika! Im so inspired! A friend has asked me to do one for her and after seeing your work I literally can't wait to get started! Kudos!!
    ItsyBitsy - The Blog Place

  3. Your style of using the patterns and color combinations is awesome

  4. This is really awesome! And what a coincidence - my little girl is also named Aadya :)


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