Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Late Hello

Hello Bloggers ,
I have been so out the sight lately. I have a valid reason for absence I got married and shifted to San Francisco,California. Months got passed by so easily in preparing for the fat Indian Wedding. I shifted my entire base from India to California and it took every bit of my energy . Finally I am here blogging in my City of dreams,San Francisco.
I was so surprised by all the beautiful Craft Stores here. They are huge and full of stuff. I have shopped like crazy from all these extravagant stores. Things are pretty much organized and systematic here. I also got my crafty furniture from recollections line. Finally I have racks and boxes which are actually made for 12 by 12 paper.
The crafting community over here is very very huge, people craft more as hobby rather a business. They give there full heart and attention , this is one quality which has definitely attracted me the most.
I am totally loving the place, the city, the roads, the shops ..
I will finally be able to apply for almost all the design teams {US Resident specific}.
I hope I will be back to blogging now for good and I ll try to be very regular with it. I enjoyed blogging , that is how I had started my affair with Paper.
In this blog post I will be showcasing 10 of my favorite projects showcasing use of chipboard.
I hope you all will love these projects as much as I do .

1) The first project which tops my favorite list is my 10 inch Altered Alarm Clock

2)  The second one is my Wishing well  .

3)My beautiful 16inch Wall Clock

4)My mixed media Canvas 

5) My another favorite - Mixed media Clock  { I am obsessed with making clocks }

6) My shadow box with heat embossing and sprinkle of diamond dust .

7)My never ending album made for my Family :) 

8) Magazine holder  { The cute green tag was a gift from dear friend }

9) A layout made for a friend . Black space is for putting a photograph

10) My another layout featuring few chipboard

Please do leave some love . 


  1. Malli! I love you and everything you make! I am so happy for you! Always keep smiling!

  2. Mallika, everyone is beautiful. Love the clocks a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mallika, Everything is just beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  4. Mallika, Everything is just beautiful, Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy to see u on the blog and as usual i love ur each n every masterpiece

  6. Happy to see u on the blog and as usual i love ur each n every masterpieces

  7. :) Awee ! thats so sweet to hear ! am very happy for you ! and wish you luck for applying for all the awesome design teams ! I will be waiting to see more of your amazing work !
    Hope u get to meet Tim :) too god bless

  8. Congratulations Mallika. Have fun.

  9. Yeee Mallika!! You are finally back on blogland! Congratulations again dear on your marriage and I definitely know you are enjoying there! have loads of fun and keep crafting now! the projects are my favourites too..loved them all! all the very best and God Bless!

  10. Hello Mallika!

    I am a huge fan and have been waiting for you to return on your blog :)
    Congratulations on your marriage and on moving to SF (basically stashing ur craft stock for the SF stores! :D)
    Sooperlyke all of your projects :)

    Love from a fellow crafter,

  11. Girrl u always rocked n hav been a true icon for me. Very happy for u....rock on more henceforth ;-)

  12. Hey welcome back dear.. so tats a bang entry.. awesome work as usual.. so happy for u.. wish u. V v v happy married life :) :)

  13. Wishing you a very happy married life Mallika. And I wish to see you on a lot of design teams soon, All the very best girl :)

    P.S. Needless to say the projects are all amazing!

  14. Congratulations Mallika. Have fun. Lots of Love.
    --Sridevi Muralikrishna

  15. Gosh, I had no clue you got married Mallika!! Nevetheless, hearty Congratulations and have a blissfull married life ahead. Glad to have you back in the blog land. Looking forward to more pretty projects from you.


  16. Congrats Mallika and good to hear you got yourself lots of crafty stuff.So awesome to see all your beautiful creations in one post.Good to hear you will be back to active blogging
    Dr Sonia

  17. Oh my, lovely creations :)
    I was looking for a wishing well and found you :)


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