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Best out of your Dies

Hello Blogger Friends ,
I ll be very clear at the start , that this is going to be one word heavy post full of information and fun things you can do with your die . Sit Back  ! Relax and wear your glasses :P

TOPIC1  - 
TO start with , the first segment is about the most popular topic / confusion METAL ADAPTER PLATE! 
When I first bought my big shot , I used sheets of paper below my acrylic plates to get perfect amount of pressure . Every company die required different layers of sheets for perfect pressure . My paper width which was suppose to be chopped was also different . I used this technique for a long period of time but finally my bigshot broke . I still have no idea weather it was pressure or plates were placed tilted .
I took my second bigshot and I was not ready to take any chances , so I took metal adaptor plate . These plates , the moment I took them and started using made cutting easier process . I was not suppose to use different layers of paper everytime . One plate worked for all the companies .
In the following picture I was demonstrate a perfect way to use these plates .
From bottom to up  , this is the way you will layer your die and paper .
1) The thick Base called solo platform { it comes along with your machine }
2) The metal adaptor plate
3) Your first acrylic plates
4) Die - with cutting side up
5) Your paper / felt etc
6) Your second acrylic plates

And voila - Here your sandwich is ready to be chopped in !

It is very important to have a proper sandwich for any die to chop your paper properly .I need these adaptor plates for all my wafer thin dies .

TOPIC 2 - 

Storage of these precious expensive babies called dies .
I have struggled alot while storing these , and lost few small ones from the set too . The solution to these was using art bin magnetic sheet box .As these dies are metallic in nature , they will be attracted to magnet .
The best way to store them and keep them in place was to store on magnetic sheets and stack them in a box,which is perfect with the size of your magnetic sheets .
I prefer art bin sheets , specially because the magnetic property of sheet is strong enough to keep dies in place  and they dont require any extra sheet covering of cellophene of plastic bag . It easy to take them out , organize them and use it in handy . When we are ready to spend thousands of money on dies , then why not a single thousand on keeping them properly .
Do have a look , in the picture below - I have organized my dies properly in these boxes
sorry for those black dots - i m too lazy to clean them ;)
One box has marriane , joycraft , spellbinder
The other box has all other companies - memory box , mft , cherrylynn , dieversions .
I am planing to take one more box and give spellbinders a separate box . Spellbinders are very versatile and they are my favorites . The designs will never bore you with time . Below I will show some interesting items I made with spellbinder .

TOPIC 3 - 
Will my die ever loose its life ?? 
DUDE !! You serious !! never they will never loose there life , until and unless there is blast or fire .
the paint comes off , but the sharpness of your dies will never go away .
The more you use it , the better it becomes . The blade part on your die sharpens itself .
I used few of my dies like zillion number of times - my butterflies :P  , they all are still fine - ekdum zinda !

TOPIC 4 - 
Are all the dies in my set useful ? 
Think before you say NO !! The answer is yes . All the sizes are useful even the tiniest . 
We always think , that in this set of 5 dies only two - three are useful , rest are not of any use . In the upcoming pictures you ll see how nicely small tag books can be done using all my die sizes !
I have used decorative labels 8 for the same .

I will be uploading this picture in the evening { There is power cut at my place :( }

TOPIC 5 - 
How versatile can my die be ?? 
Our dies can be very versatile . Look at the way you can use your labels !
You can chop these beautiful die cuts and tag them together  with a ring binder to make a mini album .
I have used labels 20 to make this .

I love taking different die cuts from spellbinders  and stacking them all together in a different manner .
Believe me , there is always to explore more and more with your dies .
Our DT member Hussena beautifully combined two dies together to make an ornamental cage . Can you spot in the picture ? Check the post here . 

Have a nice day !

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